We can supply staff for live in or daily positions. Permanent or temporary. All disciplines, dressage, eventers, show jumpers, show, stud and family horses.

Some of our staff are looking for more training, just starting their careers in equestrianism. Others have BHS qualifications or NVQ training, some have Equestrian Diplomas. We are also able to offer temporary staff for short term contracts.

Grooms and Riders

Gtoom and rider searching for work
We have grooms and riders registered covering all disciplines of the horse world, i.e. dressage, eventing, family yards, hunters, livery yards, showing, show jumping and stud work. Some are looking for particular areas of the country, others will move to any location and there are always a small number looking for work abroad. Some grooms are looking for further experience in a trainee position, others have several years of experience behind them.

Yard Managers

Yard manager looking for work

These are grooms looking for a responsible position either sole charge in a family yard position or in charge of a larger yard.

Many specialise in a particular discipline whilst having the experience of a wider range. Most come with BHS qualifications or NVQ or degrees.

At any time we have several BHS qualified assistant instructors registered, intermediate instructors and instructors, these people are always in demand.

Placement fees on application.