Family Horses, Children or Household Duties

Nanny / Grooms

Have the qualification or experience of childcare but also have the added interest of horses. Some have been brought up with horses in their own family background. They are able to take the children riding on their ponies and see to the safety and welfare of the children whilst out riding. Some will also exercise bigger family horses.

Grooms for family horses & children or household duties

Housekeeper / Grooms

Housekeeper and groom job vacancies
Housekeepers may have been involved with horses most of their lives and want to continue the association. As well as the horses they undertake household duties as would a housekeeper in the same position..


Couples looking for work with horses
Grooms for family horses & children or household duties
Couples are looking for positions that combine their experiences.

Childcare, housekeeping, gardening, routine maintenance field work.

Placement fees on application.